For most embedded applications a requirement is a database to store documents, settings, etc. A most powerful NoSql database is CouchDB, developed using the high performance language Erlang. I’ve selected this database for my application because it is a document based database with revision and it is capable to use fewer resources. To install it on your Fox Board, you can see the follow instructions.

  1. Step 1: install prerequisites

    As usual before you start, you must install all prerequisites:

    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude update
    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude install build-essential
    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude install libssl-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev lsb-base
    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude install ncurses-dev libncurses-dev
    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude install unixodbc unixodbc-dev xsltproc
    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude install libmozjs-dev libmozjs2d libicu-dev libcurl-dev
  2. Step 2: install Erlang

    The next step is easy:

    debarm:~$ sudo aptitude install erlang
  3. Step 3: install CouchDB

    The Debian CouchDB package is older, then you install the latest revision compiling the source code.
    Download the source code:

    debarm:~$ cd /usr/local/src
    debarm:~$ wget

    Unpacking it:

    debarm:~$ sudo tar xzvf apache-couchdb-1.2.0.tar.gz

    Compile it (be patient!):

    debarm:~$ cd apache-couchdb-1.2.0
    debarm:~$ sudo ./configure --prefix=/
    debarm:~$ sudo make && sudo make install
  4. Step 4: add CouchDB user and set permissions

    As usual it is appropriate to use a specific user for a new service:

    debarm:~$ sudo adduser --system --home /var/lib/couchdb --no-create-home --shell /bin/bash --group --gecos 'CouchDB Administrator' couchdb

    Now you can assign the right permissions

    debarm:~$ sudo chown -R couchdb:couchdb /etc/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chown -R couchdb:couchdb /var/lib/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chown -R couchdb:couchdb /var/log/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chown -R couchdb:couchdb /var/run/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chown -R couchdb:couchdb /etc/init.d/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chmod 0770 /etc/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chmod 0770 /var/lib/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chmod 0770 /var/log/couchdb
    debarm:~$ sudo chmod 0770 /var/run/couchdb
  5. Step 5: start the service

    To start the couchdb when you start your Fox Board, you simply type:

    debarm:~$ sudo update-rc.d couchdb defaults

    whereas to stop it:

    debarm:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb stop

    and to start it again:

    debarm:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb start
  6. Step 6: test CouchDB

    If your service is started and you type:

    debarm:~$ curl http://localhost:5984

    you can see:


    Ok: your CouchDB is ready! Read CouchDB official documentation to work with it.


UPDATE. If you have updated your Debian Squeeze to Wheeze following my guide you can install CouchDB 1.2.0 simply typing:

debarm:~# aptitude update
debarm:~# aptitude install couchdb


About Marcello Gesmundo

I'm the founder of Yoovant company. I'm an engineer and an artist: what could be better than combine the technologies with the arts?

5 Comment(s)
  1. Marc Nicholas September 23, 2013 at 15:48

    Hi Marcello,
    Your blog is a wonderful resource for those using Acme products — thanks for taking the time to write it!

    How did you find performance and memory usage of Couch on the G20? We’d love to use it on our Aria G25-based product.


    • Marcello Gesmundo September 23, 2013 at 17:34

      Hi Marc,
      to see memory usage of CouchDB simply use htop from your console: it is very little!
      Thank you.

  2. VitoA February 5, 2014 at 01:03

    Hi, great tutorial
    Any future plan for a MongoDB installation on AriaG25 or fox board?


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