Now Yooquik is ready on Kickstarter! Many thanks to all backers for considering this project: we really appreciate any support they can provide.

After the Yooquik Developer board for automation we proudly present our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to launch the new Yooquik Bluetooth Security System. The campaign starts on May 13 at Kickstarter. Many thanks to all backers for considering my project: I really … Read more

OPEN yooquik is our brand new Open Source Home Automation System. You can read some features by visiting our site yooquik. We are almost ready: stay tuned!

The Embedded World 2014 is coming! Form 25 to 27 february at Nurenberg, Germany, we will be present with the Acme Systems partners (Roberto Asquini, Sergio Tanzilli and Daniele Sdei) at Atmel booth to provide preliminary info about the new … Read more

Do you remember our latest announcement? Well: our secret product is now almost ready to market and no more secret! It is a brand new security and home automation system cloud-based. It will be available in Q1 2014 as an … Read more

The development using an ARM device is exciting, but sometimes it’s more time expensive. The ARM toolkit utilities is a collection of scripts published on my GitHub repository.
When you want to try a new Linux kernel version, you must download …
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As you know to install Node JS on your amazing Acme Systems Aria G25 board you must have a lot of time to local compile from source code. Now I want to use my Debian Wheezy 7.2 virtual machine to cross … Read more

If you have an awesome Acme Systems Aria G25 board you can boot it with the provided Debian Squeeze distribution. If you want to upgrade to the new Wheezy you can follow my previous tutorial, but if you want to … Read more

In this post I will show how to read RFID TAG in Node.js using an Acme Systems board and an RFID reader.
To accomplish this task you need:

One Acme Systems Terra board or
One Acme Systems Fox board with one Daisy-1 …
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The microcontrollers almost always have one UART port, but haven’t (by default) the hardware needed to connect in wireless to other devices: to do this you can make a wireless UART. Using a couple of RF transceiver you can easy … Read more