The development using an ARM device is exciting, but sometimes it’s more time expensive. The ARM toolkit utilities is a collection of scripts published on my GitHub repository.
When you want to try a new Linux kernel version, you must download …
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As you know to install Node JS on your amazing Acme Systems Aria G25 board you must have a lot of time to local compile from source code. Now I want to use my Debian Wheezy 7.2 virtual machine to cross … Read more

The microcontrollers almost always have one UART port, but haven’t (by default) the hardware needed to connect in wireless to other devices: to do this you can make a wireless UART. Using a couple of RF transceiver you can easy … Read more

Node is now updated to 0.10.1 version: following this simple guide you can easy install the latest Node version into your Acme Systems Aria G25 board. Let’s go to see how to install Node 0.10 on ARM based board.

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The awesome Acme Systems Aria G25 SoM use a bootable image with Linux Kernel 2.6.39. If you want customize your kernel, you can follow the detailed steps provided by the official website. If you want a ready to use development … Read more

Debian Wheezy is now in RC: it’s time to safe upgrade Debian Squeeze to Wheezy on your Acme System Aria G25 SoM board! In the official Acme Systems website you can see a detailed instruction to migrate Debian 6.0 Squeeze … Read more

NOTE: This post refers to Node v0.8.x. For new v0.10.x please visit this.

In my previous post I’ve described how to install Node v.0.6.19 into your Fox Board G20. Now I will show how to install the “fresh” 0.8 release of … Read more

This is my personal list of useful Node.js modules. This list may grow over time, so check often!


Simply the best Node framework. It enhances development speed.


This very useful module provides the ability to load scripts into an Express instance from … Read more

For most embedded applications a requirement is a database to store documents, settings, etc. A most powerful NoSql database is CouchDB, developed using the high performance language Erlang. I’ve selected this database for my application because it is a document … Read more

NOTE: This post refers to Node v0.6.19. For new v0.8.0 please visit this.

On Node.js website I read:

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that … Read more