The development using an ARM device is exciting, but sometimes it’s more time expensive. The ARM toolkit utilities is a collection of scripts published on my GitHub repository.
When you want to try a new Linux kernel version, you must download the new kernel and compile it (or download a ready to use version from the manufacturer) and upload it into the SD card, changing, if required, the bootloader and some other thinks.
To simplify the switch from a kernel version to another, I’ve prepared a shell script that simplify this process.

1. Modify your micro SD card

Connect to your Aria G25 board using ssh as usual and verify you current Linux kernel version:

root@ariag25:~# uname -r

Well: you have the 2.6.39 version. Mount your first partition of the micro SD card:

root@ariag25:~# mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
root@ariag25:~# cd /mnt
root@ariag25:/mnt# mkdir 2.6.39
root@ariag25:/mnt# mkdir 3.11.6

In other words your first partition of the micro SD card must have a directory for every kernel version you want, named as the version, without other chars.

2. Copy kernel related files

Every ARM board needs to boot some files: a bootloader, a kernel image, etc.. Now copy current files (remember that your board now have linux kernel 2.6.39):

root@ariag25:/mnt# cp * 2.6.39/

3. Download new Linux kernel

Now you can download the new 3.11.6 version from the Acme Systems website:

root@ariag25:/mnt# cd 3.11.6/
root@ariag25:/mnt/3.11.6# wget
root@ariag25:/mnt/3.11.6# wget
root@ariag25:/mnt/3.11.6# mv boot256.bin boot.bin
root@ariag25:/mnt/3.11.6# wget

NOTE: you MUST download the boot128.bin file if your board is equipped with 128MB RAM.

Now unmount the previous mounted partition:

root@ariag25:/mnt/3.11.6# cd ~
root@ariag25:~# umount /mnt

4. Download switch script

About to finish:

root@ariag25:~# wget
root@ariag25:~# chmod +x

Done: now you change your active kernel simply typing:

root@ariag25:~# ./

and selecting your kernel (see the image below):


Good programming!


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