About us

About us

Marcello Gesmundo is the founder engineer of this Italy based company. He started his career at 1994 developing software for industry, businesses and marketing analyzers. His first “contact” with computers dates back to 1985 when J.Soft Papersoft publishes Plotting, his first software for graphic design, developed for Sinclair ZX Spectrum with only 16 KB of memory RAM!

When Microsoft Windows 3.0 appear, Marcello Gesmundo shift focus on this platform, developing more software until, on 1995, he founds a new company together with Carlo Maci, Franco Maldarelli and Gianvito Rizzo: Progetti & Sistemi, made to launch a new big software: “Simple – Il gestionale che semplifica l’azienda”. Presented the first time at 2001 SMAU becomes rapidly a success.

Working in Progetti & Sistemi, Marcello Gesmundo increases the interest for security problems into broadest sense of the term, starting also to developing new softwares for Linux platform and to work with the embedded systems, virtualization and clouds systems.

With “EVA – Enhanced Virtual Assistant”, Marcello Gesmundo writes a new approach to marketing needs, helping the business men in their activity of analysis using this new brilliant web application.

Today Yoovant with Marcello Gesmundo and a lot of excited contributors, begins to write a new page into security and home automation systems: a new great project is under develop to revolutionize the industry! Stay tuned!