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Clouds is probably a term too used in recent years. Many companies offer their clouds services: document sharing, music streaming, computing on demand, etc.

All application services that are hosted into a remote computers network accessible over internet can be potentially … Read more

Probably you have at least a computer.
Probably you have a tablet.
Probably you have a smartphone.
Probably you don’t have a server!

What you should do to set up a server to share your documents and to host your applications for your company?
Probably … Read more

OPEN yooquik Home Automation System

OPEN yooquik is our brand new Open Source Home Automation System. You can read some features by visiting our site yooquik. We are almost ready: stay tuned!

Security and home automation system – Preview

The Embedded World 2014 is coming! Form 25 to 27 february at Nurenberg, Germany, we will be present with the Acme Systems partners (Roberto Asquini, Sergio Tanzilli and Daniele Sdei) at Atmel booth to provide preliminary info about the new … Read more

Security and home automation system

Do you remember our latest announcement? Well: our secret product is now almost ready to market and no more secret! It is a brand new security and home automation system cloud-based. It will be available in Q1 2014 as an … Read more