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Clouds is probably a term too used in recent years. Many companies offer their clouds services: document sharing, music streaming, computing on demand, etc.

All application services that are hosted into a remote computers network accessible over internet can be potentially … Read more

Probably you have at least a computer.
Probably you have a tablet.
Probably you have a smartphone.
Probably you don’t have a server!

What you should do to set up a server to share your documents and to host your applications for your company?
Probably … Read more

Just now Yooquik is on Kickstarter!

Now Yooquik is ready on Kickstarter! Many thanks to all backers for considering this project: we really appreciate any support they can provide.

Ready to start Yooquik Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

After the Yooquik Developer board for automation we proudly present our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to launch the new Yooquik Bluetooth Security System. The campaign starts on May 13 at Kickstarter. Many thanks to all backers for considering my project: I really … Read more

OPEN yooquik Home Automation System

OPEN yooquik is our brand new Open Source Home Automation System. You can read some features by visiting our site yooquik. We are almost ready: stay tuned!